Solitaire Solar

Collector Panels

Solitaire Solar International that are vertical / horizontal, 15º-70º pitched in-roof or on-roof, free-standing on flat roofs or on the ground, 2m² area, lightweight, flexible, easy to handle and install, all-weather resistant anodized aluminium alloy frame and galvanized zinc aluminium back plate. The Flat Plate Solar Collectors are constructed using Laser Welding Technology to ensure 100% fusion bonding for long service life and high reliability. The full-area Solar Absorber surface is selective black chromed for superior heat absorption of 95% and insulated with black backing 50mm fibre glass for maximum heat retention with less than 11% emittance. The Cover Material is made of 3-4mm thick toughened (tempered) Low Iron Solar Safety Glass for high light transmission of 92% and hail storm resistant. The collector sockets use DR brass bar with EPDM sealing gasket that is torque resistant to provide a water tight seal.

Solitaire Solar International that comprises of laser welded aluminium Absorber Plates with 7-8 round copper Riser Tubes and two Copper Header tubes in the collector panel to ensure maximum efficiency and durability that guarantees the best solar yield, in comparison to the pressed steel tubes commonly used in many other solar water heater systems.

Solitaire Solar International that are tested to highest quality standards and one of the superior features of our panels is its multi-flow corrosion resistant aluminium Absorber Plate design which produces a significant increase in the collector panel efficiency resulting in a far greater fluid to surface contact allowing it to harness the maximum power from the sun’s rays, unlike conventional hot water systems that circulate the water to be heated through solar collector panels.


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