Solitaire Solar

AS series - closed circuit split system

Active systems also known as split systems which are usually installed when visual impact is to be kept to a minimum or the roof structure is not able to hold a tank or the requirement is for a large volume storage tank used in commercial / industrial premises, High efficiency solar water heaters with roof mounted collectors and ground / roof standing vertical storage tanks, designed for poor water quality and frost prone areas, designed to use special solar transfer fluid which is circulated through the system by a pump which transfers the heat exchange module/ system in the storage tank, Available from 300L-3000L storage tank sizes. A combination of cutting edge technology and high level of innovation, with high performance and maximum efficiency. A life time investment with maximum annual savings over 25years and an average short payback period of 3 years, with a significant reduction in heating costs and at the same time , an increase in heating comfort, the most economical and efficient water heating system.


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