Solitaire Solar

TS series - open circuit system - Thermosiphon

Open Circuit System designed, manufactured and assembled particularly for the weather and water conditions of the MENA region, complete and compact close coupled flat or pitched on-roof . Thermosiphon system is a natural heating system where the storage tank and solar collectors are mounted on the roof as a unit with no moving parts resulting in low maintenance, open circuit where water to be heated is circulated in the system by Thermosiphon principle of natural convection whereby water heated in the solar collector panels rises up into the storage tank and is replaced by cold water from the water main supply in a continues cycle, simple, stylish and innovative model, unmatched quality standards and performance efficiency, first and only solar water heating system tested and certified by the Dubai Municipality Laboratory (DCL) and ESMA, ruggedly built to handle the harshness and extremes of any environment that guarantees long service life and durability.


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